Entertainment for children during wedding

Entertainment children wedding

Entertainment for children during wedding in Italy, in central Italian regions, from Marche to Toscana, Umbria e Romagna

Professional Agency for children Entertainment for wedding

Entertainment children wedding: in order to entertain children invited at your wedding, Animation Maracaibo entertainment for children is the right solution to give everybody a carefree and funny day. A team of professional entertainers (mainly trained girls), specific equipment, myriads of games and activities to give the opportunity to children to have a day of joy and cheerfulness.


Entertainment children wedding: Maracaibo Agency has long experience and a lot of satisfaction in the field of entertainment for children for parties of all kinds, from the most reputable customers the most popular families. Working with large companies such as Ikea, Italian Post, BMW, Ferrero, Regione Marche, Clementoni, Confartigianato Ancona, Rotary Club, Angelini, the national football player Mattia Destro and the showgirl Raiuno Ludovica Caramis (for their wedding), municipalities and the pro-loco choose Maracaibo to brighten their holidays.

Entertainment children wedding

Offered services

Animation for Children Maracaibo guarantees an experienced and professional staff to serve your little guests. Games and activities for all your little guests as:

  • Games, numerous, with prizes and surprises
  • cheerful and amusing group dances
  • professional face painting
  • shows and magic acts
  • with balloon sculptures
  • fables and fairy tales
  • table games
  • assistance to the table
  • Inflatable games
  • mascot Mickey and Minnie
  • cotton candy machine and popcorn

nimation Children Maracaibo creates a veritable feast that will leave the greatest tranquility and safety to leave their children in safe hands, enjoying fully the wedding reception.

Contact us, we will be proud to offer you the best solution

Entertainment children wedding: we have many options that cover wedding entertainment for children. A lot of families like to bring their kids to weddings these days. Here lies what could be a few possible minor issues:

  • What do we do with the children during the drinks reception? It is always a few hours to the meal with photos to take and adults to catch up and so on.
  • We don’t really want them running around during the meal! Do we?
  • How do we keep them quite during the speeches? They won’t really understand!

We can help with our experienced and professional wedding entertainment for kids.

Entertainment children wedding

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mail: info@animazionemaracaibo.it

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Entertainment children wedding

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